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Antonio E Costa

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Gulf of Mexico
Indian Ocean
South China Sea
Caribbean Sea
Arctic Ocean

Water Bodies Project

This project is very close to E Costa’s heart for its philosophical and environmental genesis and subtext.  


Water represents millions of years in the history of our world. Invested in the formation of rivers, lakes, oceans and sixty percent of the human body itself, water addresses each one of us in its variety of uses, sensations, emotions and transformations. It appeals to a primeval instinct in us, as if recalling the sensation of the infant in the womb, floating in amniotic fluid. Large bodies of water have always inspired awe, wonder and fear in people, and water has been revered in every religious and tribal culture. However, its most profound significance has been long forgotten and taken for granted by humans. The impending environmental crisis now compels us to reconsider its life-giving importance.


Through the Water Bodies Project, E Costa aims to bring water into the forefront of creative dialogue. The works seen in the gallery above are experimental artworks on paper. These will be recreated on giant canvases that will capture the depth, texture and soul systems of water bodies form across the planet. 

New York City, USA

The Dawn
Song of Color
Rust Glow
The Birth of Ochre Green
Beyond Blue

Earth Becoming Spirit

The “Earth Becoming Spirit” series is based on the physical aspects of nature in all its dimensions : time of day, season, varieties of plant and animal life, the effects of air, wind, fire, ice and rain on different terrains. 


This series will comprise 13 works on paper, and 13 mixed media works on canvas. Each will capture the essence of a single colour that evokes the emotions a particular landscape awakens in us, so that our consciousness is simultaneously focused and stretched. Each work attempts to capture one of nature’s aspects in all its dimensions and in its most pristine and primitive state, totally divorced from human interference. This state also implies the immense freedom of physical realities, which are so powerful when  weighed in the balance with the limitations of the human mind. The earth and its seas and skies quietly – or violently – teach us, if we watch carefully, how to reconnect with our primordial natures. The series captures the moods, shades and intensity of nature, to expand the viewer’s mind to the infinite possibilities of colours and forms inherent in the natural world. 


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